Anonymous said: Does a broken heart ever heal?

Only if you let it.

Anonymous said: Are you recording any new music currently?


Anonymous said: New Korouva album. When?

Probably Valentine’s Day 2014.

Anonymous said: Music's good and all but I want better production.

Me too, but this misery can’t wait.

Vinyl now at Aquarius Records

Abridged review of Shipwrecks & Russian Roulette

" A collection of minimal abstract torch songs, moody, melancholic and mesmerizing, not hard to imagine wandering through some strange city, the rain pouring down, looking for someplace to duck out of the downpour, only to find some mysterious dimly lit dive, and inside, a strange collection of shapes hunched over their drinks, lit only by the flicker of candlelight, while in the corner, sits an old piano, with a shadowy shape at the keyboard, the woman at the piano, providing a mysterious musical balm for the rainsoaked dispossessed, each song a haunting threnody, an aching lament, that speaks to the collective misery, and sadness and hopelessness of the clientele, all drowning their sorrows, waiting for the end.

LIMITED TO 200 COPIES, while they last we have the opaque red / black swirl colored vinyl version. Packaged in a thick full color jacket, with an 8 page lyric booklet and a Khrysanthoney insert.”


Full review of Shipwrecks about 32 reviews down.  Don’t sweat the scroll.



Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette

Ruminating on our vinyl triptych

Ruminating on our vinyl triptych

Anonymous said: I hope you come to Australia one day. I hope you release something to fuel my soul one day. I hope one day I can give you a hug and you can wipe away my tears.

Surely your tears will have dried by the time we are financially sound enough to do all those things.  But we’ll definitely give you a hug sweet Anon.